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Gilbert Michael Olguin, Sr. was born and raised in Socorro County, New Mexico. He is married to the former Shirley Ann Shaw, who was also born and raised in Socorro. They have 7 children, 12 grand-children and 10 great-grand-children.


Distinguished Public Service Career

He retired from government after a distinguished public service career that spanned more than 30 years.  He served a 4 year term as the city manager and chief executive officer of municipal government for the City of El Mirage, AZ in the early 80s; a 7 year term as the county manager and chief executive officer of county government for Sierra County, NM in the 70's; a 4 year term (by Presidential appointment) on the Cable Television Technical Advisory Committee of the Federal Communications Commission; a 4 year term as a member of the Presidential Task Force on Urban Planning and Community Development; and a 4 year term as secretary of the Regional Housing Commission for Region III. He has held several high-level government positions, including administrative-law judge, police commissioner, federal certifying officer for federally funded HUD projects, hearing officer for HUD, and code enforcement hearing officer.


Experience with Government-issued Revenue Bonds

His accomplishments and experience in high level executive management positions in both government and private industry make him one of the foremost experts in government issued revenue bond laws, and an expert in project revenue bond financing.


He has authored several government regulations and laws pertaining to government issued revenue bonds in ArizonaCaliforniaNevadaNew MexicoUtah and Paraguay. He authored the Regional Housing Act of New Mexico, enacted by the state legislature and signed into law by the governor in 1994. He is registered as an international bond-law consultant with the World Bank, the InterAmerican Development Bank, the North American Development Bank and the International Border Environmental Cooperation Commission. 

Olguin has been instrumental in providing bond financing for residential, commercial and government-sponsored community redevelopment projects throughout the United States and South America with proceeds from government-issued industrial development revenue bonds totaling millions of dollars. 


He has also had the pleasure of serving as the senior bond-law consultant to the Mayor and City Council of the City of Lambare, Paraguay from 1994 until 1998.

Candidate for the Congress of the United States

Olguin was nominated by the 1980 NM State Democratic Nominating Convention inLas Cruces, NM as their candidate for the Congress of the United States for the 2nd Congressional District. He lost his first and only bid for public office to the 20-year incumbent congressman. This same convention nominated Bill Richardson as their candidate for the 1st Congressional District.  After his defeat in that race, Richardson went on to win a seat in Congress two years later in the newly created 3rd Congressional District.  Richardson, who just recently completed his second 4-year term as governor of New Mexico, is better known for having ran for President of the United States; and, having served as a congressman, Presidential Emissary, United Nations Ambassador, and, a member of the President's Cabinet as the secretary of Energy under former President Bill Clinton.

Political Activities

Olguin served as a member of the "kitchen cabinets" (the term used historically for those individuals who serve as very-close "unofficial advisors" to governors and presidents) of several governors, including, former Arizona governors Bruce Babbitt and Evan Mecham, and former New Mexico governors David F. Cargo, Jerry Apodaca, Toney Anaya, Bruce King and Gary Johnson.


Military Service - Armed Forces of the United States

A Vietnam veteran, Brigadier General Gil M. Olguin, Sr. retired as assistant adjutant general of New Mexico. His retirement ceremony took place on February 5th, 2011 at the National Guard Armory in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, where Major General Kenny C. Montoya, the Adjutant General of New Mexico, presented him with several awards.


General Olguin's retirement ceremony was combined with a promotion ceremony, a pinning ceremony, and a change of command ceremony.


At that same ceremony, General Montoya announced the promotion of Army National Guard Colonel Richard A. Clark to the rank and grade of brigadier general. Clark was "pinned" and then officially appointed to the position of assistant adjutant general to replace General Olguin.  General Olguin's retirement became effective immediately upon the conclusion of the "Change of Command" ceremony, which took place shortly after the Olguin's retirement ceremony and Clark's promotion and pinning ceremony.

Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS)


Olguin joined the New Mexico Army National Guard (United States Army Reserve, also known as the Army National Guard of the United States) under the early-enlistment program while still a junior in high school.  Upon completion of his basic training at Fort Ord, California; he attended the Field Artillery Officers’Candidate School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and the Anti-aircraft and Air Defense Artillery School at Fort Bliss, Texas.  Upon completing his 6-month tour of active military duty, Olguin returned to his home to graduate from high school.


Appointment as Assistant Adjutant General

General Olguin was appointed assistant adjutant general of the State of New Mexico on January 1, 2005, and six months later he was promoted to brigadier general.  Olguin was "pinned" on June 17, 2005 in a special "pinning ceremony" by General Kenny C. Montoya, the Adjutant General of New Mexico.  The ceremony took place in the Drill Hall of the National Guard Armory at 600 Wyoming Blvd., NE in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


As assistant adjutant general, Olguin served as the commanding general and division director of the SDF Military Division, one of the three military components of the Department of Military Affairs of the State of New Mexico.


Promotion From Colonel to Brigadier General

In June, 2005, Olguin was promoted to the rank and grade of brigadier general.  He was “pinned” by General Kenny Montoya, the Adjutant General of New Mexico in a pinning ceremony held at the National Guard Armory in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


United States Army Security Agency (USASA)

Upon graduation from Socorro High School, Olguin, then a member of the Army National Guard, was recruited by the United States Army Security Agency and after completing the courses of instruction in Cryptology and Advanced Crypto Analysis at the United States Army Security Agency Training Center and School at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, he was permanently assigned to the National Security Agency at NSA Headquarters Complex at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland.


National Security Agency (NSA)

Olguin served as executive officer and special assistant to Mr. James T. Duncan, Chief, Section B-113, National Security Agency, Fort George G. Meade, MD andWashington, DC.  While with the USASA and the NSA, Olguin's military assignments required him to travel extensively. He served a tour of duty with the 12thUS Army Security Agency Field Station and two tours of duty with the 8th US Army Security Agency Field Station. Olguin also participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba.  His other assignments included a temporary duty assignment with the Army Support Element of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, VA; special assignment with the Army Intelligence unit at Arlington Hall Station, VA; and, the US Army Security Agency Field Station at Vint Hill Farms, VA.


FBI Security Clearance

Olguin was granted the highest security clearance - “Final, Top Secret, Crypto, NATO Verified,” by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.


Honorable Discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States

He was honorably discharged from the United States Army and transferred to active reserve status in May 1970.  Shortly thereafter, he rejoined the Army National Guard as a part-time citizen soldier.  His military career, as a full-time soldier and part-time citizen soldier combined, spanned more than 39 years.


Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal

In May 2004, then-Colonel Olguin was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and Ribbon by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.  At that time Olguin was deputy director of the SDF Military Division, Department of Military Affairs of the State of New Mexico.


Education - Academic Record

Olguin graduated from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Elementary School and Socorro High School in Socorro, New Mexico.  He received his higher education under the auspices of “Operation Bootstrap,” a continuing education program administered by the United States Department of Defense, the United States Department of the Army, and, the United States Armed Forces Institute of Madison, Wisconsin.  He received his Associate of Science degree from the United States Armed Forces Institute and his Bachelor’s and law degrees from LaSalle University, a very old established, well-recognized and highly-accredited Jesuit institution. He graduated from law school in 1969. The United States Army and the Defense Department paid for all of his college education, including law school.  He has attended several seminars and workshops, and has successfully completed several courses.


Honors, Achievements and Awards

In addition to the President's Outstanding Community Achievement Award for a Vietnam Veteran awarded to him in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter, Olguin has received numerous other awards. He was awarded a Citation by former President George W. Bush.  He was also awarded a Certificate of Achievement in 1979 by the National District Attorneys Association; a Certificate of Appreciation by the National Association of County Attorneys.  His biography appears in the 17thEdition of Who’s Who in the West, the 21st Edition of Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, the 23rd Edition of Who’s Who in Government, and, the 1979-80 Edition of Personalities of the West and Midwest.  He was named one of the 100 Community Leaders of America by Time Magazine in 1979.

Membership in Professional Organizations

Olguin has been an active member of several professional organizations throughout the years, including the National Association of Civil County Attorneys, the National Association of County Administrators, the National District Attorneys Association, the International City Management Association, the Society of Public Administrators, the New Mexico County Managers Association and the Arizona City Managers Association.

Corporate Directorships

Olguin has sat on the boards of several corporations and institutions, including banks, hospitals, and colleges. He served on the boards of Great Western Bank & Trust Company of Arizona; CitiBank (Arizona); Falcon & Associates, Ltd. (a Phoenix-based Mortgage Bank); Lincoln Municipal Funding, Inc. of Denver, Colorado; Maryvale Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center in Glendale, AZ; Sierra County Community College in T or C, NM; Glendale Community College, Glendale, AZ; and, Sun City West Medical Center of Sun City, AZ.

Criminal Record

General Olguin has never, in his entire life, been involved in or convicted of a crime—misdemeanor, felony, DWI, DUI, drug-related, terrorist-related or otherwise.